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Does this sound familiar?

You’ve heard about toxins. You know that they are not good for health. But, did you know they are likely THE leading cause of growing infertility rates?
Considering a majority of men will be azoospermic (meaning they don’t have any sperm) in less than 20 years, we’re on the brink of a major world crisis. But there is good news. WE have the power to change it for ourselves, our families, and the future generations.

Based on the smart fertility Assessment:

you don’t have a lot of imbalances

What you need to know?

Toxins, on a basic level, are substances that are poisonous to humans. Many of these toxins are external — meaning they come from outside ourselves. These toxins are going to usually come into our bodies from ingestion (by mouth or applied onto our skin), breathing (air pollution, etc), or in general consuming in some way.

There are also internal toxins - the ones our bodies create every minute of every day, that we usually process and dump out of our bodies through the emunctories- kidneys, liver, intestines, lungs and skin. If we don’t remove internal toxins effectively, the external toxins can be more burden than our body can handle.

So, essentially, if we want to optimize removal of toxins, we need to reduce overall burden, while helping the emunctories clear toxins out better.

How does this affect fertility?

Toxins have an incredible amount of research on how they impact fertility. To summarize the research, here are the key ways toxins affect fertility:
Female fertility:

  • Lower egg quality

  • Mimic hormones like estrogen causing imbalances

  • Ineffective hormone communication (meaning the hormones are look-alikes but don’t perform the functions the actual hormones do, so our communication between systems goes awry)

  • Ineffective implantation

  • Increased inflammation

  • Excess weight which then impacts ovulation

  • Decreased embryo quality

Male Fertility:

  • Decreased sperm morphology

  • Decreased sperm count

  • Decreased sperm motility

  • Decreased sperm quality

  • Decreased embryo quality

  • Increased inflammation

  • Ineffective hormone regulation

Specific toxins have also been connected to conditions such as endometriosis and Polycystic ovarian syndrome-- both of which have a significant correlation with infertility.

Lowering the toxin burden, and helping the body process toxins out more effectively (without harsh detoxes) is one of the best ways to support and optimize fertility

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