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The Smart Fertility Analysis™ is for you if...

Fertility is a lot more challenging than you thought it would be.

You are being told everything is "normal", but you just want to know why you're not getting pregnant.

You've been taking an endless array of fertility supplements, and you're wondering why you're still not pregnant.

Madre is a holistic fertility company co-founded by world-renowned fertility Doctor Dr. Aumatma Simmons.

We exist to empower women to build healthier families through quality nutrition and education. The journey starts with taking our Smart Fertility Analysis™ which will help you identify your primary fertility challenges and then build you a custom-tailored fertility roadmap to help you get pregnant and stay pregnant.

Our goal is to provide the support and resources you need to have healthy pregnancies and raise healthy families.

A holistic fertility solution made custom to your needs

Get to the root of the problem - no more guessing and Googling

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About Dr. Aumatma

Madre CHIEF Fertility OFFICER & Co-Founder

With an emphasis on hormonal harmony, increased mental and emotional well-being, and overall physical health improvement, Dr. Aumatma Simmons has helped thousands of couples achieve fertility success.

15-year, double-board certified Naturopathic Doctor and Endocrinologist

Best-selling author, host of the Egg Meets Sperm postcast

2015 & 2020 "Best Naturopathic Medicine Doctor" locally

2021 & 2021 top "Women in Medicine" doctor

Featured on ABC, FOX, CBS, KTLA, MindBodyGreen, The Bump and more.

"When my husband and I first met with Dr. Aumatma a year and a half ago, we struggled with multiple miscarriages and didn't have that much hope conceiving….now I am 24 weeks pregnant and we’re expecting our first baby boy. I highly recommend Aumatma for any fertility issues and #ttcjourney."

Anonymous, Fertility Client of Dr. Aumatma

"Dr. Aumatma helped guide my partner and I to a healthy pregnancy, delivery and beautiful baby boy after almost 4 years of trying. She asked questions that no one had asked us in the process and figured out some root causes that we needed to address to get and stay pregnant. She incorporates body, mind and heart into the process, using both traditional and modern modalities."

Sarah S., Fertility Client of Dr. Aumatma

"So thankful to have been able to obtain support and guidance from Dr. Aumatma! Her methods are such a relief to traditional approaches, and the herbs and supplements she recommends are of such premium quality that even my medical team at John Hopkins was impressed as they reviewed my stash for clearance pre-delivery. I have recommended her time and time again, and will happily continue to do so."

Sonalee, Fertility Client of Dr. Aumatma

"Dr. Aumatma has been a miracle worker! We originally did IVF in 2020 with very little success and after following her supplement and diet plan, we were able to yield five healthy embryos in our recent IVF cycle."

Chanel, Fertility Client of Dr. Aumatma

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