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Does this sound like you?

Are you feeling the fertility jitters, even though the doctors say it's too early for tests and there are no glaring red flags? We get it; waiting around isn't your style. You're all about taking action and maximizing your chances of conceiving in the next 1-3 cycles.

Based on the smart fertility Assessment:

you don’t have a lot of imbalances

What you need to know?

Whether you're just embarking on your fertility adventure or have been on this journey for a while, here's the scoop: you're making a savvy move by thinking about your fertility early. This shows you're not only invested in your well-being but also the future well-being of your little one.

Now, you might not have those telltale "symptoms" flashing like neon signs, but guess what? If you've been dancing with hormonal contraceptives or don't see any big warning lights, chances are your system could use a little reboot. Think of it like your trusty old computer that hasn't had a restart in ages – it's slowing down, and you're itching for that refresh button. What happens when you finally hit reboot? Your computer comes back to life, zipping along just like the good old days.

How does this affect fertility?

Well, we have collected a lot of gunk in our mental, emotional, and physical bodies — just living our boring (or exciting) lives. So, hitting the reset or reboot button on the entire endocrine system is a great starting point for speeding up the time to conception!

That's precisely what we're offering for your body's endocrine system. We're not just talking about female hormones; we're diving deep into all the gears and cogs that influence those hormones, even giving your nervous system a much-needed spa day. Your nervous system never gets a break, so a reboot can work wonders to help you relax and reset.

This little info page is just the beginning... get your own personalized fertility plan, created specifically for your needs!

Doing your own research can be time consuming, overwhelming and can feel like an endless rabbit hole.

Meanwhile invasive solutions like IVF can cost more than $100,000...

With infertility rates on the rise, and many couples feeling helpless... We wanted bring HOPE and help couples get pregnant quicker and easier at a fraction of the cost.

That's why we created Fertility Pathways™.

They are personalized fertility plans that give you everything you need to get pregnant faster, easier and with less money that you would spend at any clinic.

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More About Fertility Pathways™

Based on your responses to our Smart Fertility Analysis™, we have a Fertility Pathway fit specifically to your needs.

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With an emphasis on hormonal harmony, increased mental and emotional well-being, and overall physical health improvement, Dr. Aumatma Simmons has helped thousands of couples achieve fertility success.

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